REVIEW: Prison Break S4

"Captured here is EXACTLY what this season of PRISON BREAK gave the fans: A big FUCK YOU!"

Michael and Lincoln can't seem to catch a break. This time around they (and the gang), are rounded up by Homeland Security to shake down the General in hopes of stealing Scylla, a top secret military project funded by the Company.

Let me start by saying the first season of PRISON BREAK was phenomenal. As far as TV shows go, you really couldn't get much better than that. But the question I kept having to ask myself was, "OK, what now?" Sure, season two wasn't much of a stretch for a storyline revolving around escape. I had no problem believing this plan was a two part (hence two season) adventure. Hell, even season three wasn't bad. I loved SONA, the concept, the inmates, and despite the shortened run (stupid writer's strike), I had a lot of fun with last season as well. And I'll be honest and say that season three ended in such a way, that we fans could have let go and ultimately used our imaginations as to what happened next.

At first, I was just as happy as I was surprised to hear of a season four. Like I said, I love this show. Michael Rapaport's Don Self was an all right character, though I had a hard time buying his betrayal. The whole first half of this season wasn't bad, but then things started to fall apart with uncharacteristic actions, cheesy twists and all around poor choices when it came to storyline. I mean, bringing in their mother was just fucking lame, and then trying to sell us Mike and Link NOT being brothers? Kinda undermines the entire premise if you ask me. This season felt like it was coasting along on autopilot as is, but with all this added ridiculousness, the show derailed for me mid season, crashing and burning to the point I almost didn't' recognize what I was watching anymore.

PRISON BREAK's storyline was flawed from jump street. There was ALWAYS gonna be a hole in the premise, because no matter how you looked at it, the way this all came to be kinda locked the guys into always being on the run from something or someone. The Company became a tiresome enigma, the General and their mother, boring and all out asstacular villains, and the final episode? Well, as much as I loved to see older characters come back to help out, MICHAEL DIEING was never something ANY FAN was banking on, that much, I can guarantee. What a fucking horrible way to end things. That said, I noticed today there's a feature film (series wrap-up) called THE FINAL BREAK, which covers the four year span they rush into with the finale. I'll watch it, but it feels like a desperate attempt to sell some DVD's and cash in on the franchise one last time.

Catch the PRISON BREAK season four trailer here:

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