Summers fired off JOE?

"Well, if all else fails, at least Sienna Miller will be looking HOT AS HELL in tight black leather as the Baroness."

OK, it would be a considerable understatement to say I've been getting progressively worried about G.I. JOE. First, there was next to no advertising, then Stephen Summers got behind the camera obsessed with making it a James Bond ripoff, he (for some reason) cast Marlon Wayans and then I get lines like "the French are angry...well of course the French are angry!" in a trailer which at best, felt borderline.

Now, word around the campfire over at Paramount is that Director Stephen Summers was fired from the project after the execs viewed a private screening and were horrified by what they'd seen. This is disturbing for a variety of reasons, and the two biggest ones are as follows: One, how the fuck do you fire a director from project he's already filmed and no doubt been paid for? And two, what does this mean for the (already late summer) August release date? Apparently (if you wish to believe the hype), Paramount's got some people working through the film now, busy trying to make it "releasable". I guess we'll know soon enough.

My Two Cents: "I've heard A LOT of rumors circulate here and there, but NEVER of a director being fired nearly two months before the film's release! I just hope Summers hasn't single handedly destroyed what could have been a dream franchise for Paramount."

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Limey said...

Lets face it this movie was going to be hard to make a hit no matter what they did. Hollywood has to "revamp" the cartoon to make it watchable for the masses. Sadly this habit destroys so many potentially good movies.

As long as the Storm SHadow vs Snake Eyes fights are up to snuff then I still hold out hope for it.

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