TRAILER: Game of Thrones Season 2

The first season of GAME OF THRONES was fantastic, everything I could hope for in a book to life conversion. Now that they have their audience, their budget and the free reign to go big, I'm thrilled to the bone to see where they take us. April feels so very far away.

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Shaun said...

Game of Thrones is one of the best series I have watched easily in a long time. Season 1 had me hooked in from the first episode and it never let go, I can only expect that Season 2 will have the same effect on me and millions of people. Out of the entire onslaught of characters they threw at us in Season 1, I have to say that Tyrian Lannister was the best and most developed character of the show. He added so much to the series that you can’t imagine what would happen if he died. With 3 months left until Season 2 starts, I think I should watch season 1 again to refresh myself on the show. The nice thing is HBO has the whole first season still up so I can access it through my DISH remote app on my iPad on demand any time I want. Since I work nights at DISH the on demand will come in handy since HBO posts every show after it airs, I can stay caught up during season 2.

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