REVIEW: Cabin In The Woods

"A must see milestone for fans of the horror/thriller genres."

Five friends decide to get out of dodge for the weekend for some fun and adventure at a remote cabin in the woods.  You think you know this story but trust don't. 

I'm not sure what's going on with LIONSGATE but they really dropped the ball with CABIN IN THE WOODS from a marketing perspective.  I know the studio execs all have serious husband bulges (inside joke form the movie) over THE HUNGER GAMES (which is overrated if you ask me), but guys, don't leave your main market (horror) in the dust.  Man down guys, MAN DOWN!  The trailers hints at something clever and special but then again, most trailers do.  This is horror after all (some people are calling this a thriller and I guess I can dig that too) and when it comes to stories like this, it's easy to think you've seen it all.  You're wrong.  This was one of the smartest, coolest and well played horror/thriller movies to hit the big screen in over a decade.  And best of all its original (YAY) and not a sequel or remake which is worth the price of admission right there folks.

With THE AVENGERS right around the corner and considering both Joss Whedon and Chris Hemsworth are both here on this adventure as well, I really can't understand why they didn't push this to greater heights.  The casting was great, the dialogue was nothing short of perfection and the concept was money in the bank.  It's a clever process, adding so many familiar elements to a familiar looking story that goes the other way fast, leaving you speechless and impressed at the same time.  I don't want to give away any secrets so I'll work with what the trailers already show us.  Surprisingly enough, for a flick in this genre, these characters act and react to their situation and surroundings rather well, again, without spoiling anything I can throw around a few ideas.

One, these are supposedly smart people, with only one stoner dude amongst them (his retractable bong is something every pot head on the planet will strive to build upon seeing it).  One of the girl's is pre-med and the others aren't far behind her.  So my question is, did you fools ever watch a horror movie in your life?  You're off the grid, coming up on a rundown shack of a gas station that looks like it's been pulled from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE equipped with a redneck from hell  and yet...nobody bats an eyelash when this guy and his shack are without a doubt the biggest red flag imaginable.  Add to that this cabin wreaks of "Jason Voorhees is gonna be here any minute" with a cellar that screams "where's the Necronomicon at".  The first room they go in has the creepiest painting known to man and a mirror that lets you see into the next flag, red flag, RED FLAG PEOPLE!  What makes these things awesome though is the fact that the stoner guy gets it, sees it and calls them out on it (something that's far more awesome than I can describe at this point, but you'll understand when you see it).  And Curt, seriously bro, why in God's name would your cousin buy this house?

CABIN IN THE WOODS is shrouded in secrecy for good reason, one wrong word or description here and the cat's out of the bag.  One thing I will say, this is THE movie to sit down and discuss over drinks afterword because it will definitely blow you away.  The monster aspect is phenomenal, almost as phenomenal as the premise and explanation of why and how they're actually there (two thumbs waaay up for the creative team), I found myself praying as the third act came around "please let this have a cool ending, please let this have a cool ending," and I have to say it did considering where the whole thing goes.  There was loads of well timed humor mixed with plenty of thinking outside the box (pun intended), I'm truly impressed and can't recommend this one more.  I know I've done nothing but beat around the bush here but trust me, if this sounds like you're bag of tricks, you'll love it and absolutely must see it in theatres.  You won't regret it...unless of course you always wanted to see a merman.  

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